Judy’s Restaurant and Bar

Judy's Resto Bar in Port Barton

Judy’s Restaurant and Bar is the most popular hang for visitors to this sleepy village on a shallow bay on the western shores of Palawan. Judy has developed a formula for success and customers keep coming back for more. The food is good and the prices are reasonable. Port Barton is such a mellow town [...]

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Palawan Butterfly Farm

propagating butterflies from cocoon

The Palawan Butterfly Farm is in the same general area as the crocodile farm. It makes for an easy day to visit one and then head Bakers  hill across from the butterfly farm for lunch and then go visit the other. The entry fee for the croc farm is around 30 pesos and around 50 [...]

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Palawan Crocodile Farm Irawan

baby crocodiles

The Irawan Crocodile Farm is a 15 minute drive from Puerto Princessa on the highway southbound towards Aborlan. You can work out a deal with a tricycle driver to take you down there and wait for you to finish the tour or take a south bound multi cab. It is best to arrive around 9 [...]

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Melville Lighthouse Balabac

Block Lighthouse

The Melville lighthouse stands watch on the lonely southern coast of  Balabac Island. It takes a bit of work to get there but it was very well worth the time to me. I suggest taking a full week to make the round trip from Puerto Princesa, the capital of Palawan. You can not actually see [...]

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Rio Tuba Palawan


Rio Tuba the port town on the southern end of Palawan Island. The ferries to Balabac leave from here and the Rio Tinto mining ore barges leave from here too. These ore carriers bring nickle ore loaded in huge bags to large ocean carrying freighters anchored outside the bay in deeper water. The town has [...]

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Starting in Balabac


Balabac is one of the southern most islands in the Palawan archipelago. It is most unusual to find tourists here but I suppose anything is possible. There are no tourist facilities here whatsoever with the possible exception of the JD Lodging house upstairs of the Sing and Swing karaoke bar. The biggest point of interest [...]

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About Palawan


Palawan is rapidly becoming the top destination for travelers to the Philippines. With the gopalawan website we hope to provide some information on this site to give future visitors an idea of what is in store. Many visitors head north to El Nido, Sabang and Port Barton but we also plan to  include a bit [...]

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