Vietville – Viet Ville

Vietnamese Urn

Vietnamese Urn

Vietville was a refugee camp in Palawan for US sympathizers to stay after they fled Vietnam when the communists took over.

Most of the thousands of refugees that were living here have resettled elsewhere by now.

There is a Vietnamese restaurant that still remains open primarily for tourists.

Viet Ville


The food is not bad but if I am in the mood for Vietnamese I will usually opt for Rene Saigon’s in Puerto Princesa on the airport road.

There is a bakery that makes outstanding French bread. They usually have a few loaves on hand but it is best to call the day before if you need a big order.

The numbers of Vietnamese still here is dwindling and they are being replaced by Filipinos.

Vietville Palawan

Flowers and French Bread

The Vietville Restaurant is still open but this restaurant is quite a ways out of Puerto Princesa so they get the occasional tourist group coming from Sabang or the other tourist places.

There is an interesting souvenir shop but you do get kind of a ghost town feeling when you are here.

My guess is that Viet Ville is around 14 kilometers north of Puerto Princesa on the main national highway.

A trip to this restaurant  makes for a pleasant drive if you just want to get out of town for a while.

Viet Ville

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