Palawan Crocodile Farm Irawan

baby crocodiles

Baby Crocodiles

The Irawan Crocodile Farm is a 15 minute drive from Puerto Princessa on the highway southbound towards Aborlan.

You can work out a deal with a tricycle driver to take you down there and wait for you to finish the tour or take a south bound multi cab.

It is best to arrive around 9 -10am or come in the afternoon after 1:30 because they are closed for lunch time.

The entry fee is only 30 pesos.

Adult crocodiles in a pen

Adult Crocodiles

Sometimes they allow visitors to get a picture of themselves holding a small croc about a foot long.

The adult crocs are kept in large outdoor pens and are observed from an elevated catwalk.

Skeleton of salt water croc.

Crocodile Skeleton

There is a huge skeleton in the visitors from a salt water crocodile that was trapped and killed by authorities in the southern town of Batarazza.

It was proven to have killed a child that was near the waters edge.

The hide of that croc is hanging on the wall. It was never fully explained what they do with the adult crocs.

Palawan Bearcat

Possibly they are used for leather but I really don’t know and our “tour” guides answer was rather ambiguous.

There is an exciting display of other animals native to Palawan under the trees behind the croc farm. This was actually the most interesting part of the day.

There is an amazing pen with 6 or 7 Palawan bearcats that seem to be fighting with each other continuously. They are as cute as can be but could probably tear your hand right off.

Irawan Crocodile Farm

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