Judy’s Restaurant and Bar

Judy's Resto Bar in Port Barton

Judy's Resto Bar

Judy’s Restaurant and Bar is the most popular hang for visitors to this sleepy village on a shallow bay on the western shores of Palawan.

Judy has developed a formula for success and customers keep coming back for more.

The food is good and the prices are reasonable.

judys restaurant in port barton


Port Barton is such a mellow town and the casual layout of this little place is inviting.

You can just step up to the bar from the street instead of having to pass through gates and walk a hundred meters to get to a table.

Judy is the gal to the right and one of her staff is in the above photo. They have great customer service and a cheerful attitude that makes you feel at home.


Judy is working on organizing some of the boatmen so that they can also book island tours at a budget price.

Few people swim the actual beach in Port Barton because it is very shallow and has the occasional jellyfish floating by.

The outlying islands have clean sand beaches and have a little current to keep the beaches clear.

Judy's Place in Port Barton

Judy's Place

Port Barton seems a bit more laid back than most of the other tourist destinations in Palawan and some really like it that way.

It might be the ideal place to check out of the rat race for a couple of weeks if that is your personality.

Port Barton Beach

Port Barton Beach

I think that it is ideal for couples but a little bit to sedate for the single traveler.

There are only two internet connections in town and they run 100 pesos an hour and up.

There is a jeepney service that runs from Puerto Princesa to Port Barton for 350 pesos and takes about 3 hours. Most visitors take a shuttle van. The road has been improved so Port Barton is no longer a nightmare to get to

Island hopping is the main attraction in Port Barton so don’t forget your mask and fins!

Port Barton

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