Rio Tuba Palawan

Main street in Rio Tuba Palawan

Rio Tuba the port town on the southern end of Palawan Island. The ferries to Balabac leave from here and the Rio Tinto mining ore barges leave from here too.

These ore carriers bring nickle ore loaded in huge bags to large ocean carrying freighters anchored outside the bay in deeper water.

ore barges in Rio Tuba

Nickle Ore Barges

The town has grown considerably with the mine and the small country charm is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Rio Tuba still has the boom and bust feel to it and it can be an interesting place to see, but it is not worth the long drive from Puerto Princesa for most people. I only come here to catch the ferry to Balabac Island.

The road to the pier

There is a Rio Tinto compound there with all sorts of modern niceties, similar to a military base overseas but I did not enter. Friends have, and say that it is quite nice.

I stay at the somewhat run down Maya’s place but it is cheap and it worked for us.

Ferry pier in Rio Tuba

Rio Tuba ferry pier.

It does rain a lot in Rio Tuba so bring raingear if you are riding a bike.

There is not much going on here but I have noticed a marked growth since the first time i visited here 6 years ago.

The ferry to Balabac leaves from this pier.

The fare is 350 pesos one way.

Rio Tuba Palawan

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