Ka Lui Restaurant

Ka Lui's Restaurant

Ka Lui’s Restaurant in Puerto Princesa is likely the best restaurant in  Palawan if not the entire country. The ambiance is nice and the food is outstanding. The staff here have a friendly attitude and it makes eating here a memorable experience. The seafood is done to perfection. There will be no surprises when you [...]

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Ugong Rock

observation deck ugong rork

Ugong Rock is a big outcropping in the middle of a rice field on the right side of the road as you are heading towards Sabang. Tour guide – Juana Orcajada at left View from top of Ugong Rock at right. There is a joint effort between the ABS-CBN foundation and some of the local [...]

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Robert’s Resort Sabang

roberyt resort sabang beach

Simple huts on the beach are what I groove on. Yes the luxury of the Sheridan and Daluyon Resorts are very very nice and perhaps it is a case of sour grapes, but I love my nipa on the beach. Having the entire beach all to yourself for midnight swims is bliss. Possibly there is [...]

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Sabang Mangrove Swamp Tour

Mangrove Forest Tour Sabang

Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour This tour of the mangrove swamp in between the beach in Sabang  and the underground river will be of interest to reptile fans. This peaceful trip up the river was the best 100 peso I spent last year. We lucked out and spotted a ball python and several mangrove snakes curled [...]

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Sabang Underground River

sabang underground river

The Sabang Underground River is one of the coolest things to see during a trip to Palawan. The  river  winds 8 kilometers back into this cave near Sabang. Generally there is not much current but after heavy rains it requires two boatmen to paddle upstream. The tourist boats only go back in there 1.5  kilometers [...]

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Philippine Immirgation Office

Puerto Princessa Immigration Office

The Philippine Immigration office in Puerto Princesa is very organized, efficient and helpful. I have used this office only one time for a visa extension and it was pain free. A 21 day visitors visa is issued free of charge upon arrival in the Philippines. If you plan to stay longer that that you must [...]

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Palawan Butterfly Farm

propagating butterflies from cocoon

The Palawan Butterfly Farm is in the same general area as the crocodile farm. It makes for an easy day to visit one and then head Bakers  hill across from the butterfly farm for lunch and then go visit the other. The entry fee for the croc farm is around 30 pesos and around 50 [...]

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Palawan Crocodile Farm Irawan

baby crocodiles

The Irawan Crocodile Farm is a 15 minute drive from Puerto Princessa on the highway southbound towards Aborlan. You can work out a deal with a tricycle driver to take you down there and wait for you to finish the tour or take a south bound multi cab. It is best to arrive around 9 [...]

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