About Port Barton

Port Barton Beach

Port Barton is a mellow village on the west side of Palawan. At one time it was a jumping off point for trips to the Sabang Underground River but now there is a beautiful road all the way to Sabang from Puerto Princesa, so visitors go direct to Sabang on mini van shuttles. You can [...]

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El Busero Inn

el busero inn

The El Busero Inn on the beach  is in a great location and seems to be a good value. Pitong, the manager and bartender, is one of he happiest guys I ever met. He used to have the Gingers Cave Bar on the beach in front of this resort but when his lease ran out [...]

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Villa Evergreen Restaurant

port barton restaurant

The Villa Evergreen Restaurant has good food at a good price. It is kitty corner to Judy’s Resto Bar but has a quieter setting. They seem to get a steady flow of customers. I only ate there one time and Lita did a good job on the chicken. Her husband Walter was involved with scuba [...]

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Judy’s Restaurant and Bar

Judy's Resto Bar in Port Barton

Judy’s Restaurant and Bar is the most popular hang for visitors to this sleepy village on a shallow bay on the western shores of Palawan. Judy has developed a formula for success and customers keep coming back for more. The food is good and the prices are reasonable. Port Barton is such a mellow town [...]

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