Palawan Butterfly Farm

propagating butterflies from cocoon

Palawan Butterfly

The Palawan Butterfly Farm is in the same general area as the crocodile farm.

It makes for an easy day to visit one and then head BakersĀ  hill across from the butterfly farm for lunch and then go visit the other.

The entry fee for the croc farm is around 30 pesos and around 50 pesos for the butterfly farm.

I used to collect butterflies when I was a a kid and I enjoyed spending a little time here.

Butterfly and Leaf

Cocoons are brought in and the butterflies hatch on the site but can not escape the screened in enclosure.

It takes a bit of time to get the pictures you want because the little buggers keep taking off just when you are ready to snap the pic.

Have a little bit of patience and sooner of later they will cooperate.

photographing butterflies

Photographing Butterflies

The information at the center claims that the butterflies are easier to photograph in the mornings because they shy away once the sun comes on full strength.

Butterfly on Leaf

Butterfly on Banana Leaf

I think it is well worth the time spent to have a look.

They have a few other insects and scorpions that are kind of interesting too.

Palawan Butterfly Farm

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