El Nido Corner Resto Bar


Fish Special

The El Nido Corner Restaurant and Bar is at the end of the beach as you walk towards the point.

They do an excellent lapu lapu or other fish of the day special. the spaghetti is pretty good too but what really makes this place is the pleasant atmosphere provided by the owners Divina and Ole Jakobsen.

corner restaurant

Corner Restaurant

One of the nice things about El Nido, is that there are several good restaurants to choose from on the beach.

If you are spending a week in El Nido you can choose a different place to eat every night and most of them are pretty good.

Corner Restaurant

Corner Restaurant

Some restaurants have live bands, but others like this Corner Restaurant are more quite and secluded.

Tables are set right out on the sandy beach at night at a few places in town and the waves almost come up all the way and get your feet wet.

You must walk down the beach to get to the Corner Restaurant featured here.



If you want to go beach combing just continue around the point and you can walk all the way to the airport.

It’s a long walk but we did it one time. There is a river just before you get to the runway so if you are intent on continuing, you will have to swim to the other side.

If the tide is low, you can walk across but the water will be over one meter deep.

Ole Jakobsen


The beaches that you find on the way are very secluded and clean.

For me El Nido is the easiest place to travel in Palawan. There are good phone connections and many of the guesthouses have free wi-fi.

Restaurant staff

El Nido Resto Bar Staff

There is a Western Union, motorbike rentals, travel agencies, plenty of bars and restaurants and boat and airplane connections. Shuttle vans make the run to Puerto Princessa every day.

There is even a jeepney that makes the trip to Puerto for those wanting to use local transport. Keep in mind that it is a long hot dusty ride when you make your decision.

great fish!

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