Ugong Rock

Ugong Rock Palawan

Guide Orcajada Juana

Ugong Rock is a big outcropping in the middle of a rice field on the right side of the road as you are heading towards Sabang.

Tour guide – Juana Orcajada at left

Ugong Rock

View from top of Ugong Rock

View from top of Ugong Rock at right.
There is a joint effort between the ABS-CBN foundation and some of the local government groups to develop this site into a community based tourism project.

There is a planned zip line in the works and I really hope that they get it going.

It would be a rush to zip on a line over the rice fields from the top of Ugong.

Ugong Rock Sabang

Jessie Orcajada

The limestone pedestal is around 350 meters from the road. Just follow the dirt road and make a right and you will come to the staging area.

The two women will take about an hour guiding you through the passageways. It is not a difficult but it is a good idea to wear shoes.

Ugong Rock Passageway

Ugong Rock

They sell sandals there but Juana let my girl use hers and she went barefoot, but most of us do not have feet that are as tough as hers.

The guides say that the local people hid out in the cave during the Japanese occupation.

Ugomg rock

Ladder in Passageway

Ladders and bridges have been set up to help out the visitors.

It is not a technical climb but you could still slip and fall if you are not careful.

There is an observation deck on the top and the view is quite nice.

observation deck ugong rork

Ugong Rock Observation Deck

It’s not a half bad idea to buy some drinks at the sari sari store before you go and take them with you to enjoy up there.

This rock might become a regular stop on the way to Sabang from Puerto Princesa if enough people request it.

Ugong Rock Guide

Guide and Dog

Ugong Rock

Managed by the Tagabinet Community Tourist Association

Community Based Sustainable Tourism

Tagabinet, Puerto Princesa City 5300

Contact Person

Marivel Orcajada

cell 0910 628 7980

email (cbst_ppc @

Ugong Rock

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