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This tour of the mangrove swamp in between the beach in SabangĀ  and the underground river will be of interest to reptile fans.

This peaceful trip up the river was the best 100 peso I spent last year.

Guide Aida Mooyan

Guide Bridget Mooyan

We lucked out and spotted a ball python and several mangrove snakes curled up in overhanging branches.

Beautiful bright blue kingfishers fly away when you approach so I wasn’t able to get any pictures because I don’t have a camera with a telephoto.

These river guides really have a keen interest in protecting this sanctuary and seem quite proud of their bit in doing so.

Sabang Mangrove Swamp Tour

Mangrove Swamp

Aida, one of the guides hopes that this tour gets more publicity because sometimes the crew shows up for work and waits, but no customers come that day.

I am trying to help them out buy putting stories about their program on a few websites.

Mangrove Swamp Tour Office

Tour Office

The crowd of tourists that come to Sabang simply bypass this tour on their way to the underground river.

To get there, just walk to the north end of the beach to Mary’s cottages and take the path back there towards the underground river.

mangrove paddle boat tour

Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour

Just ask some of the people back there and they will point the way. It is less than 500 meters from the beach.

Birdwatchers that have had practice with a good telephoto lens on their camera could get some stunning shots of these blue kingfishers.

You might have to wait a while for one to land in the light but it would be worth it.

Mangrove Tour

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