Robert’s Resort Sabang

roberyt resort sabang beach

Sabang Beach

Simple huts on the beach are what I groove on.

Yes the luxury of the Sheridan and Daluyon Resorts are very very nice and perhaps it is a case of sour grapes, but I love my nipa on the beach.

Having the entire beach all to yourself for midnight swims is bliss.

Robert's Resort on Sabang Beach

Robert's Resort

Possibly there is no time like today for taking advantage of this budget option because big corporate resorts like the Sheridan (very nice place) are starting to fill up the landscape.

Robert’s is one of the first places along the beach near the pier. Many of the shuttle van drivers park under the trees there and relax in the shade until their customers¬† are ready to head back to Puerto Princesa.

The nipas go for 600 pesos per night but you can negotiate a discount if you stay for several days. The electricity turns on around 6pm and goes until 11pm or so.

cell 0927 312 3621 (weak signal in Sabang) I could not get smart signal at all

sabang beach palawan

Sabang Beach

It is a good idea to have a flashlight-torch or a candle or two for light.

The few restaurants in town close down fairly early so don’t put off eating too long.

There are several carinderias or local cafes near the pier where you can get some reasonable Filipino food in the mornings and at noon time, but they seemed to close around 5pm.

I did not see another people on the beach at night. Always be aware of currents.

Look for Ghing and Chris Almoroto
(ghingchris05 @
(roberts.resortpalawan @

Sabang Beach

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