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Puerto Princessa Immigration Office

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The Philippine Immigration office in Puerto Princesa is very organized, efficient and helpful. I have used this office only one time for a visa extension and it was pain free.

A 21 day visitors visa is issued free of charge upon arrival in the Philippines. If you plan to stay longer that that you must apply for an extension at one of the immigration offices.

The details seem to change on a regular basis so check with the official government website for the latest.

Philippines Government Immigration Link

Puerto Princessa Immigration Office

Puerto Princessa Immigration Office

Sometimes the rules are differ between the various offices – perhaps the staff has a hard time keeping up with revisions. In my experience it seems that the Immigration offices in the Philippines are far more professional than they used to be.

You don’t see fixers about and the level of corruption has gone way down. The staff seems to be as helpful as possible not only in the Palawan office but country wide.

For foreigners living in the Philippines, the expense of visa renewals must be figured into the cost of living here.

Puerto Princessa Immigration Office

Puerto Princessa Immigration Office

The Palawan office is located above the Red Needle Tattoo shop on the airport road. Every tricycle driver will know where it is. You walk up the stairs behind the building

The best plan is to arrive first thing in the morning, say around 9am and get with the staff to organize the paperwork.

It will then be ready for the main boss to sign when he arrives.

It is kind of annoying having to go to the immigration every two months but its just one of the things you get accustomed to doing if you do not have a balikbayon visa or a residency permit.

Puerto Princesa immigration office

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